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    Type 80 self-propelled anti-aircraft guns and Type 63A tanks did not want to stay silent, and fired at the Japanese army with shells equipped with radio detonators. The 105mm gun of the Type 63A tank is very powerful, each piece of shell causes huge casualties. The Type 80 self-propelled anti-aircraft gun is not as powerful, but the double-barreled 57mm gun is dominating the Japanese army with a firing rate of one shot per shot. seconds. Spraying, the bullet exploded right above the Japanese soldier's head, causing quite significant damage. The bullet wiped out, leaving no ants, leaving only a hedgehog - shaped like a corpse on the ground. The steel monster rolled over the shattered corpses on the ground, advancing slowly and surely, unstoppable!

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    Between Amabra and Mandalay there is the Irrawaddy River, the British built a bridge here to connect the two banks. But at this time, in the woods on both sides of the road leading to the bridge, a well-equipped guerrilla team was waiting for the governor to drive. The Governor ordered the gendarmerie to use machine guns to shoot Burmese students protesting in Yangon, killing and injuring hundreds, arresting more than 4,000 people, his hands are stained with blood, now the guerrillas demand his life. .

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    When the German army suffered heavy losses and was forced to choose to retreat, there was a scream like a hurricane from deep within the Soviet army's lines. 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000xis (1 more than 100000000000000000000000000, 100 km (10000000000000000000000000 000 at 000000a) depth into flames into flames Immediately afterwards, the earth shook the mountain, countless Soviet tanks rushed out from behind the defense line and rushed towards German troops from all directions, the Germans noticed a vehicle carrying a 100mm main gun but there was no trace of it following the Soviet side. Tank group In the rear, they continuously shot cold arrows at the heavy tanks own, either shoot armor-piercing bullets stabilized with fins, or strange bullets fly over a distance of 4-5 km in a curved state and then penetrate the German tank covering the sky, anyway, it is almost calling a German tank! In the past, although the German army was at a disadvantage in numbers, it could still fight the Soviet army with its superiority in tank performance and the quality of armored soldiers. Now it is impossible, as long as they dare to face the Soviet army. against them, cold arrows will be shot at them immediately to kill them!The Soviet army's rocket launcher vehicle keeps firing, the firepower is amazing, a self-propelled rocket launcher vehicle has Within 20 seconds, forty missile launchers can be removed and dozens or even hundreds of such missile launchers can be fired at the same time. The German army, it was like the end of the world. The Soviet army's rocket artillery cluster fired two rounds, burning the area more than 10 km deep behind the main force of the Rhineland armored force into a sea of fire. kilometers behind the German armored forces, separating them from the main force. Their purpose was very clear, which was to focus on destroying the German armored force that had caused them so many difficulties. The loss of the German infantry and armored force was not just food, they wanted to eat it. what to eat?

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    Master, the Demon Slayer Academy has dragons and snakes, take your status. . .

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    The Tianji Mirror, which can be called an almost magical weapon, is placed at the top of this high-rise building.

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    The 20th, 31st, 41st, 13th, 15th, and 16th Army Corps were reorganized into the Third Field Army, mainly responsible for liberating Shandong, northern Anhui, and northern Jiangsu, and preventing the Japanese from advancing. north reinforcements via Jinpu railway, commander was Chen Boss, actual military commander was Suyu;

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    The surrender of the Rhineland Army meant that the last strategic army group in Germany that could confront the Soviet army and the Anglo-American alliance head-on and gain the upper hand no longer existed. .

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    Next, there was nothing more to say, the 37mm self-propelled anti-aircraft guns roared horribly, and the powerful anti-personnel grenades swept towards the Japanese army like a storm, a stream of steel and fire! The Japanese army recklessly shot and dropped bombs on these steel beasts. The bullets hit the self-propelled anti-aircraft guns, clanging and sparking, the Type 88 self-propelled anti-aircraft guns were hit by a string of bullets, and the sea of the towers was turbulent. Fire over there!

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    As the Central Plains War began to break out, the 25th Group of the Henan Eighth Army surrounded Xuchang and launched a fierce attack on Xuchang. Xuchang city was devastated in the central battle of Henan last year, most of the fortifications and buildings in the city were damaged and almost became ruins, the Japanese army occupied Xuchang in several months, due to lack of manpower and materials, they failed to capture this important military town. Reinforced, the 25th Army stormed the urban area in a fierce attack, and the The Japanese team fell into chaos. Panicked, the Japanese tried their best to mobilize forces to launch a counterattack. The 25th Army failed to capture Hua Xuong in one go due to insufficient heavy equipment and no air support, after a week of fierce fighting. , they withdrew from the citadel, then changed their strategy to surround Hua Xuong with tens of thousands of troops, the situation was difficult, Japanese troops from Kaifeng, Zhengzhou, Binh Dinh Son many times came to the rescue, taking Hua Xuong make mincemeat and crush people's hearts. . The Japanese army was really at a loss. They could only call in the elite forces of the 11th Army to reinforce them. The 3rd Division of the 11th Army and the 6th independent mixed brigade with nearly 40,000 horses rushed straight towards Xuchang. After more than ten days, they finally rushed to Hua Xuong, the 25th army immediately escaped the encirclement and retreated to Phu Nguu mountain. Hundreds of thousands of troops only stayed in the mountain, coldly looking at Hua Xuong and Zhengzhou, they could kill them. Japanese troops at any time. This greatly upset the Japanese army, which attacked Yuzhou twice, trying to drive the 25th Army out of Mount Funiu and completely unleash their threat to Xuchang.

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    The attitude is tough enough, but unfortunately useless, the status of a big country has always been affirmed. Judging by the achievements of the Chongqing military in the past eight years, it is really not qualified to enter the United States, Britain and Su Gao to review them. So, on the issue of skinheads, America, Britain, and the Soviet Union all have their views and accept them all, you just object, we come as we go.

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    An Truong Kiem angrily exclaimed: "They are just a group of mercenaries, is there a need to think about them like that!"

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    Tran Kien Phong looked him up and down, a surprised look on his face: "Hey, when did the arms dealer change his nature and switch to grain trading?"

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    Xue Jianqiang said: "If I can get detailed information like Yi-403's ambush, I don't mind engaging them again."

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    Tiet Kien Cuong coughed and reminded them: "What you are doing is wrong! The customer is king, you know? The customer's requirements must be satisfied as much as possible, you guys." know? It's also a simplified version of a strategic nuclear submarine? This thing is not on the same level as a strategic nuclear submarine. Okay! Tell me quickly, can you guys come up with this? ?"

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    Is this how the eldest son is treated?

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    After the B-24 was blown up, gunships would appear on the scene, using six-barrel heavy machine guns and three anti-aircraft machine guns to fire fiercely at the Japanese troops. The Japanese hated these gunships even more than the B- 24 bombers. No matter how ferocious the B-24 is, it only has a few bombs, and it's enough for one guy to live and die, but this thing has a magazine of 10,000 to 20,000 rounds, and a battery strong enough to hover over their heads a few times, when When I was young, when I saw someone active, I shot wildly, I couldn't stand it! In the early days of the war against Japan, there were often scenes of Chinese soldiers unable to withstand bombs jumping out of their trenches and firing machine guns into the sky, cursing while sweeping. In the Central Plains battlefield, every time there were many bombing rounds by the Japanese soldiers, soldiers jumped out of the fortifications and fired into the air, cursing as they shot: "Fuck the Chinese, why are you throwing bombs into the sky? You have something to do." What, come down and fight to the death with me!!!"

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    Walking forward for a while, the number of carriages in front suddenly increased and the speed slowed down.

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    These two people stared at Kobo on the deck, drooling madly, like hungry wolves seeing fresh meat, the first officer couldn't help but shout: "Don't be jealous, two comrades, this is an enemy ship, we We still have to pay attention. "Think about how to defeat them!"

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    However, before Zhang Heng had time to activate the Tianji Mirror, an extremely bright beam of light suddenly came from the end of the sky.

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    Xiang Tianxiao said in a deep voice: “According to the first personnel investigation we sent out, the group of demons that destroyed the Frost Sword Sect came from the Chiyu Mountains, headed by the black bone demons, and according to the others According to the information shared by the city, there are 3,000 people in this group of demons and as many as four demons in the Golden Core Kingdom!”

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    Venus danced before Ly Man's eyes... Thinking about the turmoil that would result from too much cheap crude oil and natural gas flooding into the domestic market, thinking about the troubles she would encounter, she was moved to tears. , and gently placed his hand on Xue Jianqiang's neck, ten fingers strong... then hard...

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    Soon, his eyes sparkled with light.

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    Heaven's secret technique? The third heavenly secret technique! ?